... where are the videos?

In addition to being available on our YouTube channel, the episodes of the DarkenSpace series are embedded below, in order. It is a good idea to view them in order, since there are overarching plot elements that progress from one episode to the next.

There are additional videos, such as episode teasers, that are posted to our YouTube channel, so it is a good idea to subscribe to us there so that you won't miss any!


The preview below was the first DarkenSpace video posted to YouTube. It was created partially as a teaser for the planned video series, and partially as a test of all of the technology that would be required to make the series.

Episode 1: Hope

Draven's old life is ripped away from him and he is forced to embark upon a new one in "Hope", the premiere episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 2: Troublemakers

Draven's efforts to find a previous commodity go awry in "Troublemakers", the second episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 3: Violence

Draven gets ready for battle in "Violence", the third episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 4: Matter

Draven attempts to find a way forward in "Matter", the fourth episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 5: Messengers

Draven embarks upon a quest to redeem his family's legacy in "Messengers", the fifth episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 6: Cardinal

Draven searches for the truth about his family’s fate in "Cardinal", the sixth episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 7: Killers

Draven goes in pursuit of revenge in "Killers", the seventh episode of DarkenSpace.

Episode 8: Fire

Draven seeks out the killer of his family in "Fire", the eighth episode of DarkenSpace.

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